Menagerie of the Void - a Zine Quest Kickstarter!

Menagerie of the Void is a storytelling game for one player. You play as the keeper of an ancient menagerie, created by a long-gone society and still operating. You create the story as you play, writing down some details, deciding how to care for the exhibits, and drawing cards to see what happens next. 

You are the pilot of humanity's 2nd faster-than-light ship, reaching into interstellar space, ready to explore the great, dark unknown. 

Something malfunctioned. The stars are wrong. And through the window you can see an old, dusty planet, from which a beam of light emerges to engulf your ship, and an alien presence integrates with your systems. Your gut lurches as you lose and regain consciousness—now you are standing in a hall of groaning, rusty engines, a dead creature lying on the floor before you, old and dry. 

A burst of pain as a metallic arm retreats from your head, having implanted a cybernetic module in your brain. Through it, these old automated systems speak to you:  "a new zookeeper has been acquired."

This is the story of how you were compelled to try and eventually failed, as many have before you. 

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